Weekend with hubby…

This will be a short post, but I wanted to post something since it has been a few days. John arrived for his first visit on Friday, and I have been away from my computer ever since! We have spent most of our time exploring and shopping. Shopping for the final touches for my dorm room, and exploring the neighboring areas. There are two “downtown” areas close by. We call them by their main streets. The closest one is Solano, and the further one is Shattuck. Those are street names that have many businesses lining them. Solano is a bit smaller and more quaint, and Shattuck is busier. Shattuck goes right through University Ave., which is the main street that ends at University of California – Berkeley. John has been quite the perfect husband by accompanying me into many stores, as I look for just the perfect purchase for my dorm room to try and make it feel more like home.

The highlight of the weekend so far, though, has been our hike. There is a spectacular park right next to PLTS called Tilden Park. John and I hiked yesterday, up to and partly around Lake Anza, and then up to the highest hill in the area. We hiked all the way up where there are wonderful 360 views of the San Francisco Bay (with the bridges: Golden Gate, Bay Bridge, and Richmond Bridge) as well as the San Pablo Bay on the east side. By the time we got back to the dorm, we were very dirty and very tired. 🙂

Today, we took it a bit easier. A little strolling, a little walking, and a little relaxing on a blanket on campus in the sun. We ended the day by dining with my two close comrades from STM, Chelsea and Mary-Alyce, at a very nice French bistro on Shattuck. Unfortunately, I am currently hit with a bit of congestion which is hopefully NOT a cold, and so I am writing a short blog and heading to bed. My first class is tomorrow – all three of us have the same first class, Paul, tomorrow morning at 9:40am on the PLTS campus. I will also have Reading Congregations immediately afterwards, and then I plan to spend the rest of the day with John. He heads home early Wednesday morning. I’m trying not to think about that part – I will miss him sooo much.

OK, heading to bed. Good night, all.



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2 responses to “Weekend with hubby…

  1. I’ll have to get my hiking boots next trip home and go find that viewpoint! Looks amazing! Thanks again for a fabulous dinner.

  2. Chelsea ~ check out the Sea View trail. I have a map if you want it.

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